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Multiple Lists

Entries (or transactions) are separated into separate lists for ease of tracking.  The lists view summarizes the ending balance for each list.  


Both the Lists and Transactions views are completely editable.

New lists or transactions may be created and existing lists or transactions may be deleted or duplicated.  Lists and transactions may be re-arranged within the views by drag and drop in Edit mode.  


Tags are a generic method of assigning color attributes to the appearance of classes of either lists or transactions.  Any list or view may be assigned a tag.  The color attributes of the tag are then applied to the appearance of list and transaction entries.


Color pickers are available for assigning colors of text labels and background colors for tags.  The picker shows how the various colors will appear for the tag being edited.

Touch ID Support

Touch ID is supported, if the passcode option is enabled.  Touch ID, or entry via keyboard are both supported.

Localized for currency, date/time, and multiple languages

All currency input and display formats are supported, and handled automatically through the region setting in the Settings app.  moneyThreadz is currently localized for German and Spanish

Apple Watch Support - Lists

The contents of any list marked as visible (from the iPhone application) is visible and editable on the Apple Watch.  All lists, transactions, and properties are kept in sync between the Watch App and the iPhone application, and may be edited from either location.

watch image1

Apple Watch Support - Transactions

Transactions for all visible lists are shown on the Apple Watch.  Transactions may be created, deleted, duplicated, edited (including specifying color/label tags), and moved within the containing list.

watch image2

Apple Watch Support - Transaction Editing

Transaction Amounts, Descriptions, and Tags may be edited or selected from the Watch App.

watch image3

Apple Watch Support - Tags

Any of the tags that have been previously defined on the iPhone may be selected for a transaction.

watch image4

Apple Watch Support - Amounts

Transaction amounts may be entered using a keypad.  The amount is formatted automatically for the region (similarly to the amount entry on the iPhone app).

watch image5

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